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waveOur friend Henri Cartier-Bresson told us that when it comes to our photography there are only questions. No answers, only questions.

Try asking some questions to your photographic being in a rational manner, if it is possible to be rational when thinking about your photography. Rational thought in such a creative endeavor? Most of my photos are planned and executed in a rational manner, as far as intent and performance at making a meaningful and very expressive photograph is concerned. I try to think like a machine and remember all the steps there are to be looked at and considered and all those thoughts that the subject brings to mind in that quick impulsive instant when the subject is in the right balance to my mind and emotion and makes the most sense to me.

Is that what I do, I asked myself. The answer was disturbing to me at first, because the answer to the question I posed to myself was answered in the negative. No, that’s not what the game is to me. The game is what will the viewer of my photograph see or feel? There is a big difference here in my job as I know it to be. My job is to convey something of value to the viewer, not to me. My performance with the camera and mind is for them. Always for them, never for me. Hopefully my photograph will speak to them or move them in some way and if that is true then the photograph I made is very good for me, in knowing that it might have provided something of value for them, always for them.

I found friendship in an unlikely place where I met a man with a wave. It was hard for me to understand his smile as he sat in filth in a freight car headed to unknown places in his life. We were true friends for about 3 seconds as his ride in a gondola car passed under the bridge and gone. I was at a limited vantage point and knew that I must include details that would provide enough information to the viewer, so as to better understand the intent of my photograph.

Photography has brought me to many heart wrenching yet beautiful pleasures for my heart. Photography has allowed me to share these special moment with you and for all.

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