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This photograph was made several years ago by my son Scott. The scene was the Halloween celebration in West Hollywood where there were over 500,000 people in the streets and in costume.

Scott saw this “angel” walking and he waited until she was passing by a lighted store window to make the exposure because that was the only light available at that very late hour. I developed the film for him and made a print.

When Scott saw the print, he told me that there was no halo over the head of the angel when he made the photo. A big mystery ensued, until we visited the store and saw that a round light fixture on the ceiling was broken and hanging down. Mystery solved. The light fixture was the halo that appeared above the head of Scott’s angel.

Photography is magic. What are the chances for that halo to appear in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, to exactly the right person in exactly the right costume to walk by?

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